Induction Melting Equipments

Induction Melting Equipment is often used for investment casting because they come in a wide variety of air and vacuum furnaces. This equipment works great for nearly all metals. This equipment can also be used to melt precious metals such as platinum group metals.This equipment is very effective and economical both.

Induction Heating Equipments

Induction Heating Equipment is a key piece of equipment used in all forms of induction heating.The capabilities of this equipment allow us to offer solutions for a wide array of applications, including soldering, brazing, heat treating, bonding, etc. This equipment comprises a tank circuit, a power supply, and a work coil.

Induction Brazing Equipments

Induction Brazing Equipment repeatedly provide clean, leak-free joints for a wide range of parts including fuel lines, heat exchangers, gas distributors, manifolds, carbide tooling, and more This equipment can join a wide range of metals, even ferrous to non-ferrous. Induction brazing is precise and quick.

Induction Annealing Equipments

Induction Annealing Equipment creates a current in a conductive material, causing friction and heating the material. This makes the material more workable. We offer both non-ferrous and ferrous controlled processing equipment. This equipment offers a number of attractive advantages over flame, including localized heating, easy control or elimination of a required controlled atmosphere, and rapid heating, and so on.

Induction Machine offered is the most frequently-used type of motor used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings so far.This is cheaper in cost due to the absence of brushes, commutators, and slip rings. This machine is robust and can operate in any environmental condition. This machine is simple and rugged in construction.

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